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CB HAM Radio Dragon Delta Force EXPORT Magnum Delta Force 10m-11m Band AM FM SSB

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CB HAM Radio Dragon Delta Force EXPORT (Magnum Delta Force)10-11m AM FM SSB

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DRAGON DELTA FORCE - a new edition Magnum Delta Force. PRODUCED PHILIPPINES !!

Dragon Delta Force is an advanced radio operating in the band of 10 or 11 meters. The power modulation and power - up to 30W PEP on SSB. Radio modulating falls sensational - you do not need a microphone with gain. The radio has been manufactured in the Philippines. It is a twin Magnum Delta Force.

Why pay attention to the radio?

cultural sensitivity receiver with excellent noise filters
loud and clear modulation of the factory microphone
frequency display
built-in echo
ability to program the settings
solid construction
unblocking frequency
unblocking the transmitter power (30W PEP)
The radio for the most demanding customers - both on the base and into the car.

Dragon Delta Force - Specification
Liquid suppression receiver (RF Gain)
Fluid power shortcut in emissions AM / FM
Adjust the Mic Gain
TONE - change the characteristics of the load
NB / ANL (noise filter)
Built-in echo
Easy to read large LCD display
Backlight: Amber
Operating parameters:
Transmitter power: 10W AM / FM, SSB up to 30 W PEP
Frequency: 25.615MHz-29.695MHz
Modulation: AM / FM / USB / LSB / CW
Power supply: 13.8 V
Temp. Range: -10 deg. / + 55 degrees.
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Microphone socket 6-pin
Dimensions: 262mm depth (with heat sink, without knobs), width 200mm, height 60mm
Weight: 1.4kg

Dragon Delta Force radio
mounting brackets to the radio and microphone
Polish manual
12 months warranty
Selling model is the export version - for collectors.
Warning! For every radio sold by mail order we attach a protocol to verify the equipment.

We check the receipt, transmission and power supply.

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